well, look at that. another three months has gone by and i have not kept you updated on what is going on. if you go through the images in the artificer section, you will see what i have been working on. if you get a chance, follow me on facebook and/or tumblr. links to both are on your left. thank you for your patience! i will be back again soon - as i have lots of news to share once some things get finalized.
headed out to art southampton this weekend? stop by peter marcelle gallery in bridgehampton and check out some of my work.
i am all over social media now. you can find me on facebook- edward holland paintings
i have started a tumblr feed! it will solely focus on my studio and studio practice. please check it out!
my goodness, i cannot believe that i have not posted to the news section on the site since december. i am incredibly sorry about that. that is not to say that i do not have news, but that is a long time. what have i been doing? i have been busy at work on my latest series of paintings, which are posted under the "portraits" heading. i am unsure as to whether or not this will remain the title of the series but for right now, it will do. loosely worded, the series follows the narrative structure of james joyce's "portrait of the artist as a young man" in that each painting, through its layering and development, works through my history as an artist. i will, at some point, write something for this site explaining the series. but at the moment, i am still learning what the series is more latently about, so i will refrain at this time. regardless of all of this, thank you for your patience!
my friends at anyway mgmt, an outstanding artist rep agency, are partnering with st. jude's children's hospital for a silent auction in honor of close anyway friend, kira gedal. on thursday, december 6th, from 7 to 9 pm, the auction will take place at the anyway mgmt williamsburg gallery, 172 north 1st street, in brooklyn, ny and all proceeds will be going to st. jude's children's hospital. i am very proud to have my work included in this event and i hope that you will join me at the auction.
please join me at 80wse galleries, at NYU, on tuesday night, november 27th from 6 - 8 pm for the opening of 80wse Presents. this group exhibition has been curated by peter campus, michael cohen, hugh o'rourke and myself. it is a beautiful show and i hope that you will check it out.
i am very pleased to announce that my work will be included in a group exhibition at sylvester & co. in amagansett, ny. if you find yourself out on the east end of long island on saturday night, october 6th, please stop by. there will be some incredible work on view and i am very flattered to have my work included. cheers!
i have not forgotten about you, or my website. my end of summer and early fall has been busy, but i have been working. my two biggest projects are that i have started a new series of paintings which will be posted on the website soon and that i am co-curating an exhibition at NYU. more information on both of these projects will be posted as soon as they are available. or ready to be made available. thank you for your patience.
thank you to everyone who came to the reception for my exhibition, exteriors & interiors at peter marcelle gallery. i really appreciate the support and thank you to the gallery team for all of their help. a special thanks to pat rogers, author of hamptons art hub, for making my show one of the "three to see" this past weekend. i have put a link to the post below. thanks again!